Model 1905- Springfield Armory.


M1 Garand Bayonet. 1903 Springfield Bayonet

SA 1906 Bayonet.

The model 1905 bayonet will be found dated from 1906 up to 1917.


This one is the very oldest of the M1 Bayonets.

Hilt, guard and part of the blade was blued.

Parkerizing started in 1917.

Serial numbers started with 10,000, so this one is number 7539


Springfield Armory.

This is a real nice old original 16" bayonet.

Has not been refinished. Arsenal sharpening.

Not a nick in the blade .

The old original blade finish.

Nicely marked.

An old original scabbard with an early metal tip reinforcement.

One of the best investment bayonets. $ 475.00