Bayonets,and other Militaria for sale.

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Updated 03-08-13


M1 Garand Bayonets .

The following items are presently for sale.

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Nazi Gasmask original.

Nazi Dagger. Red Cross.


British WW2 Pocket Knife.


Jungle Brengun Cover.


.30 Carbine magazines


8mm ammo


30/06 ammo.


Garand Bayonets.
 Pouch for Garand ammo  

8 mm. Ammo.
Garand Kit


Belgian Helmet

   British Revolver



Combination tool M1 Garand/ M14


Dagger Belt.

Original ,not repro.

Sten Gun Book -Identification guide.

  British Jungle Action Cover.


M1 Garand bayonets.


Flash hider M1 Garand


M4 Bayonets.

Original scabbards

30-06 Grenade launching ammo.


.30 Carbine launcher ammo.

Original 1945 for Carbine.30


Grenade launching ammo.


Nazi Mother Cross in Gold.


Nazi Mother cross in Silver.


Frog for Swedish Mauser Bayonet.


Original brush for Carbine/Garand


Punch for Carbine or Garand Original.


British Tool Roll.


15 Piece punch set.W. Hammer

Makarov Holster


Spade cover marked 1944.

Swivel Holster German. Used.


British Bayonet


New nice sling and oiler for Carbine

Italien Ammo Belt.


Luftwaffe 2nd. model.


Gun cleaning MOPS.


Russian Czarist Postcards.



Chamber brush M1 Garand.





40 mm Bofors inert rounds


British Enfield Jungle Sling Original WW2


British Navy Belt.


Bayonet for Stengun.


Stengun Complete Display gun.

Launcher for M1 Garand and Carbine.


For .30 carbine 1952


20mm rounds for display.


Older pouch Carbine


New Ammo Pouch.


M 4 Bayonets in nice shape.

Spare parts.

Used , not working.


Launcher for Enfield.



Bronze brushes


1917 Enfield bayonet

USMC Knife


British Helmet

Flash hider and muzzelbrake

.30 Carbine

1945 dated entrenching tool. MINT.

Riot Helmet.


Bulgarian WW2 Helmet.



Lanyard for British



British ammo Pouch.


WW2 German Nazi City Police EM Shako Helmet Emblem.


Un-issued old oilcan 50 BMC rifles

Grenade Launcher for Mauser.
 Brushes cal. .30 cheap.


M1 Garand Bayonet Grips.


Used USMC knife. Older.


WW2 Entrenching tool.

Nice condition.


Canvas bag for Enfield rifle.

Original. Unissued.


British Bayonet

Original brass oiler Enfield

Product Description: M-1 Carbine Bandoleer Kit New Style One Guide 12 Stippers

Swedish Helmet.


British RAF Belt-Holster- Lanyard.

Austrian Helmet

German MG34/42 Ammo box

Punch set.

  Original tool.

.45 Colt 1911.



All the springs for Carbine US .30

Bore Light. No Batteries.

Spanish Helmet

Nazi M-42 Style.

M1 Garand Sling NEW.

M1 Carbine Manual

Everything you need to know.

$ 14.95




Carbine manual.M1 -M2 -M3 .

$ 9.75

 The classic M1 Garand Book.

$ 22.95

 The complete M1 Garand Guide.

$ 27.95

 M1 Does my talking.

$ 16.95


 The fighting Garand M1 Manual.

$ 16.95

 The M14 Rifle Maintenance Manual.

$ $ 15.95


Cartridge Book


Original Manual for Hand

and rifle grenades.


 M1 Bayonet Garand.

61/2" blade.


Gas nut tool. Carbine


Flash Hider and Muzzle Brake.

M1 Carbine.


.30 US Carbine Muzzle cover. or also

used on the M1 Garand.

 CLIP for Carbine Mags.

   .30 Carbine rod

Original WW2.


Mosin-Nagant Sling



Tool for the Luger pistol.



Sling for M1 Garand.

1907 Bayonet Scabbard

New Condition.

Original old toolkit for

Mosin Nagant.


M5A1 Garand Bayonet by




Mosin Nagant set.


3" Navy Round. Wood.


 Pouch for 4- 30rd mags.

US .30 Carbine.


Original replacement grips

for Enfield P1907 and 1917 US


Like new Slings for the

British Sten gun.RAF. Almost sold out.


M4 Carbine bayonets .

Many different bayonets.



 4 Tools for the

.30 US Carbine

very few left.


Stripper clips for M1 Carbine

Original oiler for Lahti pistol.

Carbine Cleaning Set.

Old original set.

Armed Forces Decorations and Awards Poster.


Bolt tool for M1 Carbine

only a few left.


Carbine Sling and oiler.


1903 Tool.

Hanger for the M1 Garand Bayonet.

$ 8.25


Russian Submachine gun sling

Original unused.

 $ 5.00

Canteen Cover.


2 for $ 5.00

Pistol Belts M 37


Swiss Bayonet.

High Quality.

M6 Leather Scabbard

for the M3 fighting knife.


Have several available. Cheap.

   Swiss Helmet 1918

Replacement grips for US M5-1

$ 9.00



slings for M1 Garand with



Storage bag for M1 Garand

$ 27.00



Storage bag for .30 Carbine.

New repro. $ 29.50




German Navy Signal Flags


Original ammo bandoleer

M1 Carbine


Tanker Helmet $ 10.00


WW2 Wire cutters.

1942 -45 marked.



A few items in my own collection