Bulgarian Mil. WWII Combat Helmet!

 The helmet presented here was made in Nazi Germany for use with the Bulgarian Army. In order to make the helmet lighter it was made of a thinner gauge than the Stalhelm on which it was modelled, and it was provided with a ridge to improve strength. This is a feature that has appeared in other helmets elsewhere.

Bulgaria was allied with Germany during the first part of the war, occupying parts of neighbouring countries and among other duties, they provided troops to hunt for partisans. Later, in response to the will of the people of Bulgaria, they broke their alliance and fought the Germans, helping to remove them from those same areas and beyond.

Nab this RARE used Bulgarian Mil. WWII Combat Helmet!
Over 60 years ago, this steel Helmet was worn by staunch Bulgarian troops. Adjustable leather chin strap Leather liner ensures lid comfort
Weighs 2 1/2 lbs. Condition: used, in very good shape. Shades of Olive Drab may vary.
One size fits most. Keep the legendary days of WWII history alive. Order this rare lid protector ONLINE now for your military collection! !!! Limited Quantities !!!
Used Bulgarian Mil. WWII Helmet, O.D. $49.97