BRITISH P. 1943 Enfield Bayonet, this model was the first production of the Jungle Fighting Bayonet with the original length 12" blade. WWII dated and marked "R.F.I." (Rifle Factory Ishapore). Not manufactured with blood gutter.

A genuine artifact from the Allied victory... "WWII veteran" British Mil. '43 Bayonet and Original Scabbard!

"Saving Private Ryan" was a great piece of fiction about WWII... but this baby was really there! This long (16 5/8" overall) sword-style Bayonet has a blued finish and a single edge. The wood handle just shouts military history. So does the new leather Scabbard with metal trim.
The 12" blade has no blood groove, but does have a barrel loop and handguard. And the one I'm looking at now has proofmarks that aren't easy to fully read... ends in "W.R.", I think. Can't guarantee what any given proofmark will say or look like. Weighs 1 lb., 8 ozs. Condition: used, in very good shape.

"Saving Military Artifacts"... that's what this very special, very collectible bargain is all about! Churchill urged Britain on to victory... I'm urging you to order ONLINE now!


!!! Limited Quantities !!!
Used British Mil. WWII Bayonet with Scabbard


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