British Bren .303cal Early Mk 2 Parts Set w/ Demilled Receiver: WW2

Original Item: Still retaining the original choice live barrel, i am pleased to offer one of now really hard to find British WW2 Bren Gun Parts

Sets complete with torch cut Receivers imported over 10 years ago. Consisting of:

• Demilled Mk 2 Receiver with Mark 2 drum back sight assembly.

• Barrel assembly with stainless steel flash hider and regulator.

• Bipod. : Mk 1

• Early Mark 1 Butt/Lower Assembly with "Cup" butt plate.

• All relevant internal parts as photographed .

• Each Set comes with 2 standard Bren Box Magazines where permitted.

Now that "LIVE" Barrels are no longer importable and with the recent introduction of an "approved" semi-automatic Bren system, this may very well be your last opportunity to get a hold of one of these excellent WW2 parts sets.

This one has 2 Barrels. ( not Pictured)

Not available for export.